Meet the Maker

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by!  Let me tell you a little bit about Love, Melissa!

I was not always the girl that loved dresses and all things sparkly.  Actually, I was quite the opposite.  My typical play day on the family farm had me picking rocks, chasing frogs, or anything else you could imagine a "small town, farm kid" would do.

But, part of my love and passion for creating came to me on that very farm, during the cold winter days, when windows would frost over from outside temperatures of 20 below. On the farm, chores don't stop when it gets "cold". My mom and dad tended to the cattle and horses we raised while I would sit inside with my grandma, watching her tenderly hand stitch beautiful quilts with her circle of friends.  Stitch by stitch each piece of fabric was sewn together to create these beautiful quilts that her grand-kids, including me, still cuddle up in to this day.  It was during those observant times of my grandma and her friends; I learned the importance of handmade, of quality, of craftsmanship and most importantly, of something made with Love.  Both of my grandmothers instilled the love of creativity and handmade into my soul.

Fast forward 20 years later into adulthood, the need for creating something for love entered my life again when our son was born prematurely.  So I sat down and made the pattern for his first hat by hand, and finished it off with the perfect button from my collection.  What started as a need for my little loved one grew as others said "where did you get that hat?"

My creative juices got flowing and hats soon expanded into hair accessories.  The more pieces I created and customized, the more I realized where my passion lies: in creating custom pieces for bridal, formal, and red carpet wear.

you choose hair accessories as an accentuating piece and finishing touch to make you the masterpiece of your day.  Selecting what makes you feel most beautiful and amazing is what I strive for in each and every piece that I create.  I want to ensure that you have "the" perfect piece for the most important moment in your life.

Each piece is customized to deliver beauty, elegance, trends, grace and leave a lasting emotion every time you look back at your photos feeling like you were exactly as you dreamed you would be that day - beaming with "Love".